Screenshot of the situation from Blaze Media. Photo/Blaze/ADF UK Twitter

UK woman Isabel Vaughan-Spruce has been arrested again after simply praying at an abortion facility in Birmingham. According to the Alliance Defending Freedom UK, this will be the second time Vauhan-Spruce has been arrested for praying at a facility. Some now compare the situation to a “real-life dystopia.”

According to the Blaze,

Police recently asked Isabel Vaughan-Spruce to move so that she would be outside of an “exclusion zone.” When Vaughan-Spruce pushed back, contending that she was not engaging in prohibited activity, the officer then proceeded to tell her, “[Y]ou’ve said you’re engaging in prayer, which is the offense.”

Though this isn’t the first time Vaughan-Spruce faced legal recourse for this sort of action. Last year she was arrested outside of a facility when an officer asked if she was praying and she responded she “might” have been in her mind. At that point, she was arrested and taken to the police station for questioning. At the time she was charged with “protesting and engaging in an act that is intimidating to service users.” Though according to ADF UK the facility was actually closed when Vaughan-Spruce had been there.

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