Katz and Marcel pictured together. Photo/WJAR

An assisted living resident and an 6-year-old boy have become unlikely friends. Florence Katz, a 100-year-old resident at the Tamarisk Assisted Living Residence in Warwick Rhode Island, has lived in the assisted living facility for the past 15 years. Though during a recent holiday party the two were introduced when Marcel’s mom, who works at the assisted living facility, brought Marcel along to a holiday party. After a lonely few years, due to the pandemic, Katz has found the new friendship to be just what she needed.

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According to WJAR,

“During the holiday celebration, the two of them became fast friends. They started playing and were very competitive with one another. He was stealing all her M&Ms and she was stealing them back,” said Dana. “Right after that, Florence asked if we could come back and so we started to make regular trips to play all sorts of games and a really sweet friendship has developed.”

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On the friendship Katz has said,

“For me, this fills some kind of need for me, and a need for Marcel that he probably doesn’t even know he has or is aware of yet just. That intergenerational relationship, the sweetness that you experience when you have a friendship with someone of a different generation is really lovely and so I’ve been happy to encourage that, but he’s certainly been open to it and excited about it himself,” she said. “It’s sweet as can be, it’s really enriching. We don’t have grandparents that live locally. I lost mine many years ago and so I cherish this friendship. It’s sweet for both Marcel and for me and I think Florence gets a real kick out of it.”

“I’m very happy that he’s my friend. In all the years that I’ve lived he’s one of my best friends,” said Katz. “I think it’s a wonderful relationship that we have, and I hope it continues.”

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1 year ago

hack formu

1 year ago

Wonderful thing to hear. God’s richest blessings on both of you!