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Early this month we reported on the proposed 6-week abortion ban Florida Republicans were pushing in both Florida’s House and Senate. Now a new update has surfaced. The proposed abortion ban received overwhelming approval in a Florida House committee Thursday. With such support that even Democrats are saying it will eventually become law.

New Florida Abortion Ban Could Stop Abortions At 6-Weeks; If Passed

As we had reported this bill would be the second of sorts the state has introduced following a 15-week, no-expectations bill that was signed into law last year. The 15-week abortion ban is however being challenged. So for the 6-week ban to pass the 15-week ban will have to be upheld.

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This new bill would be slightly different when compared to the 15-week ban already in action for the state. The new bill would change the law to allow abortions only up to 6 weeks from conception, though it would make expectations – which differs from the current law. As in cases of incest or rape the bill would extend abortion allotment to 15 weeks though it would ask for proof that the mother is a victim. Proof could be a copy of a restraining order, a police report, medical records, or other court orders or documentation.

The bill, if passed, would also require medical abortion pills to be dispensed in person by a physician. It would also ban abortion care via telehealth, which includes mailing abortion medication to patients.

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The bill has one more committee stop in the state’s House before it is heard by the full chamber and voted on. And similarly the state’s Senate has assigned a similar bill to two chambers where it will be heard for the first time next week. Meaning we may see this bill in action sooner rather than later.

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George B
George B
1 year ago

The above article uses “expectations” twice … should it read EXCEPTIONS (lower case)?