Photo of newlywed couple David and Doran who saved 20 babies. Photo/faithit/YouTube/NBC News

Newlywed couple David Squillante and Doran Smith of Rhode Island never imagined their honeymoon would end like this. The newlyweds, who got married around the time of COVID-19, took their honeymoon in Spain after postponing the trip for two years. Their plan was simple, go to Spain, sightsee, relax, and enjoy eating delicious food. But they came back home as heroes.

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While on their honeymoon the newlywed couple spend one afternoon, which they expected to be uneventful, strolling a nearby park and planning to take a walking tour when everything changed.

Doren explained that she saw a flame coming out of a doorway a couple of women had just exited. But when she told her husband about what she was seeing he quickly threw down his backpack and ran into the burning building. When David entered the building he described seeing a room full of babies and knew he needed to help. He immediately began taking babies outside where his wife was waiting and when she realized what he had she jumped in to help.

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Together the two were able to bring out 20 babies ranging in age from newborns to 3-year-olds. Other locals stepped in to help the couple. While they ran in and grabbed up babies locals were on standby to take them from the couple and get them out in the fresh air while the couple kept running back in to help others.

In the end, the couple was able to rescue all of the babies in the building and get them to safety. After saving all of the babies, and fire and rescue workers made it to the scene, they continued their walk and went on their tour. After returning home they did, however, do an interview with NBC News where they discussed the whole ordeal and said that after they rescued the babies and continued their day as planned, what they had done didn’t sink in until later.

These two went on their honeymoon just as many other newlyweds do only to come home as heroes.

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Scott Thompson
Scott Thompson
1 year ago

A hero does something because it is the right thing to do, not because it is popular.