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Amidst a corporate world that seems increasingly inclined towards abortion advocacy, one company dares to stand for life and family values. PublicSq., a revolutionary app that connects patriotic businesses with customers in search of quality products and exclusive discounts, is pioneering a new approach to support pro-life sentiments by offering a “baby bonus” to its employees.

Led by CEO and founder, Michael Seifert, PublicSq. is taking a bold stance by putting its money where its principles are, and offering employees financial incentives for starting or growing their families. The new policy aims to counterbalance the recent corporate tendency to encourage abortion over maternity or paternity leave.

On ‘Fox & Friends Weekend,’ Sunday, Seifert explained the reasons behind the company’s unique initiative:

“We saw the world going in a direction that we believe is really anti-family,”  “A company, in our view, is only as strong as the families that built it, and we proudly identify as a pro-family company.”

“We thought, what better way to express this value that’s core to our beliefs than actually putting some money behind it, putting our money where our mouth is,”

PublicSq. stands as the largest marketplace in the country for pro-family businesses, a distinction it upholds with pride. Seifert affirmed the company’s dedication to championing family values and nurturing a pro-life culture within its ranks.

The “baby bonus” entails a substantial $5,000 bonus to any employee who has a baby or adopts a child. This policy stands in stark contrast to the benefits offered by other major corporations like Amazon, Airbnb, Target, and Patagonia, which Seifert highlighted as offering abortion benefits to their employees.

PublicSq.’s approach represents a significant shift in corporate culture, prioritizing the support of family growth and the sanctity of life over abortion advocacy. The implementation of the “baby bonus” sets a new precedent, signaling to corporations nationwide that it’s not just possible, but also beneficial to put family values at the forefront of their business practices.

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