Doctors who advocate for the sanctity of life and oppose the practice of abortion are encountering what is being described as widespread and severe discrimination on a global scale. Attorney José Antonio Díez from the National Association for the Protection of Conscientious Objection Rights in Spain has noted an escalating risk faced by pro-life doctors as courts increasingly reject measures aimed at safeguarding their freedom of conscience, potentially exacerbating their predicament.

The Spanish Constitutional Court ruled against doctors in Murcia who refused to perform a late-term abortion, stating that it violated the mother’s right. The verdict now requires objecting doctors to express their objections in writing beforehand. Critics fear it could lead to a database that discriminates against doctors seeking respect for their rights and undermines the concept of conscientious objection.

Legal professionals and medical experts in Ireland, the United States, and Australia have raised concerns about the erosion of conscientious protections. In 2021, the European Parliament adopted the Matic Report, which promotes pro-abortion principles, considers abortion a “human right,” and criticizes conscience protections for pro-life medical practitioners as a denial of medical care.

Leaders in the pro-life movement and a considerable number of doctors contend that abortion does not constitute healthcare, recognizing the distinct and living human being that is present from the moment of conception. They firmly believe that both the mother and the unborn child are patients deserving of care and respect.

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