August 28, 2023

By Tim Worstall

NowThis News does us all a disservice in the public sphere by lying to its audience. 

NowThis made a video to address claims made during the Republican debate about abortion. No, we’re not defending anyone here.

NowThis says, “No one is getting abortions up to the moment of birth. That’s simply not a thing,” and that’s a thing that is not true. The Atlantic ran a big piece on the very guy who does that. Up to 34 weeks. Not only on grounds of fetal abnormality, either.

Dobbs has put abortion up for discussion ahead of the upcoming election. When it is a matter of democracy, the press must educate the people so the decision can be made based on facts. 

That’s the test that NowThis has just failed. 

It’s evident to everyone on all sides of the debate that views on abortion differ. That’s what debate is about in a democracy; then, we all get to vote and decide what the rules are. But that debate must be informed.

If NowThis claims to be part of that informative media, then they need to be doing that reporting and not lying.

Accuracy in Media uses investigative journalism and citizen activism to expose media bias, corruption and public policy failings. Progressives and their allies in the newsroom have a stronghold over the mainstream media in this country, but they aren’t stopping there.

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