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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) tried to sneak through the chamber the “Equal Access to Contraception for Veterans Act,” which carries radical pro-abortion measures in it to directly fund abortion drugs at the Department of Veterans Affairs. But Republicans successfully killed the bill, in what Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) called a “stunning” defeat. 

LifeNews quoted Breitbart:

After an effort led by Biggs and other House conservatives like Reps. Matt Rosendale (R-MT) and Chip Roy (R-TX) among others, the bills failed to achieve the two-thirds necessary to make it through the House and were stopped from passing the chamber for now.

“What the deal is on these suspension bills, they have to get two thirds to get them across the line,” Biggs told Breitbart News. “The significance of taking down the suspension votes is that the Democrats are trying to change all the rules and traditions of the House and force all of their agenda even if it’s not radical — but the radical parts and the non-radical parts — they’re trying to force it down our throats. Our position has always been that that is — it is that we have to fight on every issue. That’s why we ask for roll call votes on the suspension votes because we want transparency for the American public number one, and number two we want everybody to be recorded on how you vote, and number three we want to put the speed stick down. That’s what that’s been all about.”

Rosendale added in a statement exclusive to Breitbart News that this development is a significant loss for the Democrats and the left.

“The failure of these bills shows that the Freedom Caucus strategy to fight the Democratic majority using all the procedure at their disposal is working,” Rosendale said. “Combined with members willing to fight for principle, it worked to knock down two Democratic bills last night. One of the bills, which would have facilitated access to abortion drugs, I have been fighting since there were bipartisan efforts to move it through the VA committee. It was good to see the efforts of so many come together and hand the Left a defeat even in the minority.”

“In the Freedom Caucus, we’ve been doing this for months,” Biggs said. “Some of our own colleagues were ticked at us for doing it and said it was gimmicky. I kept trying to sell it like, so they would understand, that we get leverage points back and we slow it down and we’re fighting. It’s what our base wants us to do. All of those things are important. That it worked is good. Now we need to make it work on a regular basis and if we do that things are going to change up.”

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F F Tramutola Jr.
F F Tramutola Jr.
11 months ago


Ruth A Johnson
Ruth A Johnson
11 months ago


11 months ago

Pelosi is a prime example for retroactive abortion.

10 months ago

I don’t think the Pope should believe just because biden attends church on a regular basis, he should be allowed communion.He IS STILL COMMITTING THE ABSOLUTE BY ALLOWING ABORTIONS!! He’s allowing unborn babies to be murdered!!! THAT IS SINFUL!!! The pope needs to readjust his thought process too!!!