CompassCare, which has multiple pro-life pregnancy centers in upstate New York, hired private investigators to probe a firebomb attack after what they describe as an inadequate response from federal law enforcement. CompassCare is partnering with the Thomas More Society, a nonprofit law firm fighting for religious liberty, to hire private investigators. “They’ve been responsive, but what they’ve done we don’t know,” Tom Brejcha, president and chief counsel of the Thomas More Society, told Fox News Digital of the FBI. Vandals reportedly smashed windows and lit fires in the building’s reception room and nurses’ office, then defaced the building with “Jane was here” graffiti, an apparent reference to the radical pro-abortion group Jane’s Revenge.

The individuals responsible have not been apprehended and they say that the FBI is “slow-walking” its probe. Brejcha continued in his conversation with Fox:

“Along with CompassCare and others, we’re looking to investigate connections here. We have security video of attackers. We have license plates. We’re pursuing the kind of investigation that lawyers pursue when they’re looking to achieve justice on behalf of their clients, civil and criminal. So we’re not sitting on our hands just writing letters to the editor about it.”

“We think, frankly, that we’re going to find the people that need to be talked to and investigated. We’ll work with the FBI and local law enforcement, but we’re not going to simply stop with that. We want to push the matter and press it to get some concrete results.”

“I think the fact that they appointed pro-abortion zealots to head up the special unit within the Department of Justice means that their focus and their energies are in that direction,”

Despite the FBI offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of those who attacked their facility, CompassCare CEO Jim Harden expressed skepticism about the federal government’s efforts to bring them to justice.

“What it appears to us is that they have made decisions about how they’re allocating investigative resources, and they have chosen not to allocate,” says Harden. “There’s some very, very disconcerting things that are going on, and the fact that the FBI has not made any arrests is only shame on them,” he added.

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