Lila Rose. Live Action

Lila Rose, the founder of Live Action and a pro-life activist, is urging Americans to take a close look at which presidential candidates will stand by the pro-life agenda. Her comments in April, where she claimed that Trump had ruled himself out of the Republican nomination by treating the right to life as merely a state-level issue, stirred up considerable debate on Twitter. Now, Rose is doubling down, saying that Trump surrounded himself with pro-life advisors while in the White House, but was never invested in the cause.

During the interview with Fox News Digital, Rose shared her thoughts:

“It’s really unfortunate,” she said, responding to Trump’s comments on the six-week abortion ban in Florida. “States rights,” Trump reportedly told advisors in private when discussing the ban, indicating that he wanted to stay away from the issue.

“On life, he is backpedaling and he’s actually attacking the pro-life movement,” Rose said of Trump. She also pushed back strongly on arguments from Trump fans that the pro-life movement has to follow Trump’s lead.

“The argument that we should be endlessly loyal to Trump because of what an incredible thing it was that Roe was overruled” is not a “good argument,” Rose said. “I do think there are other issues with Trump’s candidacy.”

In particular, Rose was critical of what she called “blind loyalty” on the part of some “diehard Trump supporters” on the former president’s record on abortion and pro-life issues.

Rose clarified that her group, Live Action, is not allowed to endorse any political candidates. However, she did suggest that she, as an individual, could potentially endorse a candidate at some point in the future. Rose encouraged Americans to “vote their conscience,” underlining the fact that there isn’t a flawless, mathematical method for deciding which candidate to vote for.


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