On Friday, it was reported that Planned Parenthood abortion giant will be launching a multi-million-dollar English and Spanish ad blitz promoting COVID-19 vaccines inside its abortion centers, which it alleges will reach 1.5 million shots in arms. 

 The ad launch comes one week after Joe Biden named the group to its “COVID-19 Community Corps” program.

Life Site News reports:

Planned Parenthood affiliates in Minnesota, Montana, New York, California, and Washington will be vaccinating people in abortion centers, deploying mobile clinics to rural and lower-income areas, and running pop-up vaccination sites, POLITICO Pro reported on Thursday.

In Washington, the abortion giant is deploying vans to supply coronavirus shots to Central American migrant workers, according to the outlet. Planned Parenthood gets vaccine doses by way of state and local health departments, rather than through the federal government, unlike federally qualified pharmacies and health institutions.

The COVID-19 vaccine program recalls Planned Parenthood’s sordid history of racist medical campaigns aimed at ethnic minorities. In the 1930s, as part of the organization’s years-long, eugenics-rooted “Negro Project,” Planned Parenthood ran mobile contraception clinics throughout the South to suppress black births. The group still disproportionately targets black and Hispanic customers for abortion and contraception.

Planned Parenthood officials have admitted that the move is an attempt to boost perceptions.

“Hopefully years in the future, someone can look back positively on their experience getting a vaccine through us,” a systems manager at a California Planned Parenthood affiliate told POLITICO Pro. “We’re reaching folks who might not otherwise have thought of Planned Parenthood as being able to provide services such as these.”

What are your thoughts on Planned Parenthood, which has killed at least 354,871 from 2018-19 alone, now providing COVID-19 shots handed down from select states and districts?

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1 year ago

They finally found something useful 4 them, now how much xtra is coming out of taxpayer pockets?

Population control!nrr
Population control!nrr
1 year ago

Population control!