Planned Parenthood has repeatedly (and erroneously) claimed that abortion makes up “only 3%” of its “services.” But a new book from the former head of the organization suggests that it dictates their direction 100%.

Former president of the organization, Dr. Leana Wen, commented about how Planned Parenthood forced her to use the term “abortion” as much as possible and even allowed the organization to use her Twitter account to promote pro-abortion propaganda.

Life News reports about her book, which she made these revelations:

“It was just as controversial to express any doubt about abortion, even those done later in pregnancy for nonmedical reasons,” Wen later discovered. “As I learned, concern about a slippery slope drove abortion rights groups to resist all restrictions.” She was also “stunned by the tone” of Planned Parenthood’s political content, particularly toward President Trump.

“What I hadn’t grasped was that the organization’s advocacy wasn’t restricted to reproductive health; it was fully aligned with progressive politics,” she said. “By the time I joined, Planned Parenthood was firmly ensconced within the base of the Democratic Party and considered itself to be a leader of the anti-Trump movement.”

In May 2019, two new board members joined who wanted Wen to “become much more political, fast” instead of maintaining what Wen described as her “nonpartisan doctor voice.”

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1 month ago

Blows the whistle on them? If you didn’t know PP was an abortion obsessed satanic organization, you either live under a rock or are just as evil as they are!

1 month ago

just now


Impeached joKe bidet for election fraud all counting machines were indeed connected to the internet and breached oath of office. 
Election 2020 null and void