U.S. Capitol via Wikimedia Commons.

Life News reports:

Senate Democrats have lost their battle to try to force Americans to fund killing babies in abortions with their tax dollars.

Joe Biden and Senate democrats put together a budget plan to eliminate the Hyde Amendment and force Americans to fund abortions for the first time since Hyde became official in the 1970s. Although Americans are forced to fund the Planned Parenthood abortion business and its global abortion agenda with their federal tax dollars, Americans have not generally paid for abortions with their tax dollars since Hyde became an annually adopted provision in Congressional spending bills.

The Hyde Amendment has saved at least 2.5 million babies from abortion and it enjoys the support of a majority of Americans — including people who support abortion. But Democrats have desperately been trying to eliminate it and eliminate more unborn children.

Thanks to pro-life Republicans — along with Senator Joe Manchin, the only pro-life Democrat — Senate Democrats had to withdraw their objections to Hyde in order to get the current spending bill moving forward to fund the federal government.

The Hill further reports:

Senate Democrats previously omitted the provision, also known as the Hyde Amendment, from legislation to fund the Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education departments last year. It marked the first time in decades that Senate Democrats removed the amendment from their annual government appropriations bills.

However, the amendment has since been included in the latest text for a government spending omnibus package for fiscal 2022 that was unveiled by Senate appropriators early Wednesday. The bipartisan deal comes after lawmakers struggled for months to reach agreement on both sides of the aisle over issues like parity between defense and nondefense spending, and legacy riders like the Hyde Amendment.

Republican appropriators said on Wednesday that the omnibus legislation will also include the Weldon Amendment, a rider Democrats also previously sought to drop that bars entities that don’t want to provide abortion care from being denied federal dollars.

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Margaret E Storms
Margaret E Storms
4 months ago

Thankful for the pro-life GOP members and shame on the Dems and pro-abort members and our POTUS.