Flag of Texas on the Texas Capitol Building in Austin via Wikimedia Commons.

Another lawsuit against the Texas abortion ban is going down in flames, allowing the Texas heartbeat law to continue saving babies from abortions.

After having ruled multiple times previously on other cases, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the federal district court to dismiss one of the more recent lawsuits from abortionists against the Heartbeat Law.

“Having received the ruling of the Texas Supreme Court that named officials defendants may not enforce the provisions o the Texas Heartbeat Act… this court REMANDS the case with instructions to dismiss all challenges to the private enforcement provisions of the statute and to consider whether plaintiffs have standing to challenge,” the ruling by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said.

There are still multiple lawsuits outstanding attacking Texas Right to Life, the main pro-life group behind the law, 4 from abortion funds attacking private citizens and another from abortion superstar Wendy Davis attempting to derail the law.

Read more at Life News.

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