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Soon after her passing, a double rainbow painted the sky over Buckingham Palace. Even nature and the Lord of Hosts have come to pay their respects.

The queen had been alive for over 96 years and held the crown since she was just a young woman of 27.

She held the office for over 70 years. Only one monarch in history, King Louis XIV, ruled longer at 72 years.

The royal family was incredibly tight lipped about their views on abortion. Your guess is as good as mine where they landed on this issue. While Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are clearly anti-life, the rest of the family keep their views quite secret.

There is a long and elaborate plan for the death of Queen Elizabeth II including the process of succession. The event and the following plan are referred to as “Operation London Bridge.”┬áLearn more about that here.

This morning, Buckingham Palace announced that the Queen’s doctors were concerned for her health. They recommended that she remain under medical supervision. Later the same day, September 8th, The Year of Our Lord 2022, she passed.

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall traveled to be with the Queen in Scotland at the moment of her passing.

The world now, will never be the same. She saw the tides of history come and come again. Queen Elizabeth II was able to see an immense and rich chapter of American history. She saw America rise to the seat of global hegemony after WWII. She saw the first man on the moon, the collapse of the Berlin Wall under Ronald Reagan, and the presidency of 14 US Commanders-in-Chief, 13 of which she met in person.

Let’s open the annels, honor her memory, and look at each president the Queen met with during her long and rich life.

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4 months ago

She was quite a Queen and quite a lady. May she rest in peace and may God in His infinite mercy grant His grace to her family.