Interior of St. Andrew's Catholic Church in Roanoke, Virginia, USA. Via Wikimedia Commons.

Via AAN:

Three Catholic churches were attacked and vandalized by pro-abortion extremists in the wake of the leak which seemed to prove that the Supreme Court is now on the verge of striking down Roe vs. Wade.

As The Washington Examiner reports: 

The message “Pro-Choice is Pro-Life” was found splashed across the front door of one church Monday around 8:00 a.m., according to a report.

“It’s very unfortunate that people would desecrate the church like this, take their frustration out on the church,” Father Peter Damian Harris, pastor at Holy Rosary Catholic Church, said.

Two other churches in the area were also attacked:

Vandals at St. Bartholomew the Apostle Catholic Church tried to remove the tabernacle.

Intruders at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church sought to desecrate the Eucharist.

The vandalisms follow the firebombing of a pro-life center in Oregon.

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2 years ago

Would the Liar in Chief be more willing to protect Black churches or Muslim mosques? He’s so worthless! AND, this fool pretends to be a Catholic and still doesn’t care about these untamed animals and their violence against the real Catholics and their buildings. He and his ilk hate real American, real Christians, heterosexuals, and babies. I love being an “Ultra Maga” woman! LGB! Save America!

Elizabeth Bradshaw
Elizabeth Bradshaw
2 years ago
Reply to  Jane

Jane, Well said! Demons always attack when cornered ; they have proved this throughout history! Thank God the Supreme Court has seen fit to strike this down. God is King , not man

2 years ago

I wish all people could wake up to the absolute truth of God’s WORD… There is not even one of us worthy of God’s forgiveness. We are all sinners and worthy of death.
Most think they are more worthy of God’s Love than the democrats…
God loves the democrats, Muslims, Hindus, and Atheists, and yes, even the abortionists, just as much as He loves those that have accepted the gift of Salvation… God hates sins, not the sinner.
God is Holy, Righteous, and Just in all that He says, and does, but being Just, He cannot allow sin in His presence… God created Hell for Satan and his fallen angels, He did not create it for man, and God does not want anyone to go to Hell, but when one chooses not to obey His Commandments, it is the sinner who chooses to be forever and ever separated for God.
God has made it clear to us who are listening that He will not save the United States from her appointment with justice, and with her destruction, the heathen nations left behind will embrace the NWO agenda with the one-world government, and the one-world religion. They will also quickly sign a seven-year peace treaty; although we know it will be a false peace, and at the end of these seven years the armies of the heathen nations will surround Israel’s army on the Plains of Megiddo for the greatest of all Battles, Armageddon. 
God will save those that belong to Him, but this nation will not be saved.

2 years ago
Reply to  watchman48

Very well said. God is withholding His Judgement…….until “the fullness of times.” When that is, is not known for sure. Many have tried to predict. So we shall see. I know this…….that “His mercy endures forever.” God is not impatient. Full of grace and mercy. We hear that term alot but don’t quite understand it. “Grace” is what God gives us even when we don’t deserve it. The “only” criteria is that we ask…..with humility. And admit our failings. God is waiting until every person ever born has had a chance to hear the Gospel (the Good News!) and has had an opportunity to either “believe and accept his mercy” or to reject it. Without it we could not stand in His presence. God made it easy…..we make it hard.